February 25, 2020

Finally deployed!

Welcome to my new site! I've been working on this one for a while, step by step, taking my time (maybe too much). This post has been made to "inaugurate" this place, and to explain why I intended to make it.

Why this

I used to write some articles in my free time, about life subjects, and also about code. I wrote a tutorial 2 years ago, in 2 parts, about learning to code a little game using Javascript, and I posted these two on Medium. It was a very nice place to share articles, and make theme as visible as possible, without much effort.

This was a great success, I got thousand of views, and lot of comments. I even got published in a Medium publication, Hackernoon. But after that, well, I disapparead for quite a long time, not posting anything during these 2 years, because I landed in a new job, and I used my precious free time to do something else than coding (making a tutorial is soooo long, I couldn't have imagined it would take so many hours).

Even if Medium is a good place to share content, I wanted to (re)have my own personal website, to gather everything, and to publish a more "personal content" (I really don't like the "how to be successful" articles trend that pop everyday on Medium, but that's another subject...)

The content

II really like writing tutorials and code-related articles, and I have some plans in mind, like probably republishing my first game-making tutorial (I learned a lot since then and the code quality is going to be way better), and of course create new ones.

I also want to write about slightly different subjects that I can't tell for the moment but it's coming very soon. I've been working in startups for more than 2 years, and I feel more comfortable talking about what I like / don't like about them, and more generally on the tech world.

Thanks for reading this!

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