Hi! I'm Baptiste, 23 year-old, from France.

I'm currently working for a Paris-based company as a software developer, fully-remote from the South of France. I'm front-end focused but also working on back-end.

My current stack at work : Vue.js, GraphQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL.

I studied computer science applied to video game development, which was my career project when I was young. I did some internships in various companies and technologies, from native iOS & Swift, to Unity & C# game development. Then I tried making some apps with Javascript, and loved it.

After graduating, I also did an internship in Laguna Hills, California for some months, making a cross platform (React Native) mobile app.

I built this website using Gridsome, a static site generator using Vue.js, GraphQL and markdown content files.

If you wish to discuss or anything, you can email me at